Manchester Ceremonies

Independent Registered Celebrant in the Greater Manchester area. Specialising in personalised weddings, civil partnerships, naming ceremonies and other family services

Why am I celebrant?

I may have chosen to become a celebrant for subliminal reasons. I am so used to being in a profession where I have to explain myself when talking to someone new and it’s a habit to pursue the slightly unknown. I have been an Occupational Therapist since 1995 and usually I have to explain what that is so now I’m a celebrant I get a similar blank look and “so…. what is that?” Celebrants are a relatively new addition to England so unless someone has experienced one of the wonderful celebrants knocking about they don’t know anything about the profession.

I think I have come up with a quick definition “a celebrant is an alternative to a registrar or priest allowing wedding or naming ceremonies to be conducted absolutely anywhere with the added bonus of the ceremony being completely personal.” It is succinct and depending on how interested the person is I can expand. Obviously for those in the know a celebrant can also conduct funerals, but currently this is not my speciality.

Obviously this is not the real reason I chose to become a celebrant. I met a celebrant called Roxy, the London Celebrant (almost the Brisbane Celebrant—she’s on the move). With her stories of lovely people, beautiful ceremonies and being involved in such joyful experiences I was immediately enthralled. I spent some time thinking how enjoyable that would be, how my experience working with people, presenting to groups, and my involvement in many weddings/civil partnerships as a reader, bridesmaid and master of ceremonies would qualify me for the role. I completed my training and became registered and I am very much looking forward to sharing some fantastic experiences, maybe they will be with you? You can check out my website at

Posted 221 weeks ago