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Looking for venues in Manchester - Spot the bees!

Bees feature all over Manchester, and if you’re looking at city centre venues, look up to see them buzzing about. I’ve been spotting them for several years now, the first ones I noticed were on the bins, then on the posts, then on the floor in the town hall. I have mentioned this to a few Manchester residents and they hadn’t seen them. Sometimes when you live somewhere you don’t see what’s right in front of you.

The bees represent the busy working people of Manchester dating back to the industrial revolution and all the textile workers who buzzed around the mills. I’m writing about this as Timeout Manchester just posted an article with pictures and venues that reminded me, take a look to learn more. But remember when you are out and about you’ll notice them, and if you are checking out venues you may be joined by a few buzzy friends.

Posted 218 weeks ago