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take the chance: they might say yes!

Yesterday on a London bound train a young man came purposely into the carriage and walked up to a girl. “So I was telling the girls I’m sat with about this really lovely girl I spoke to at the station and they said why don’t you ask for her number”. So there he was putting himself out there in quite a public manner (the girl was travelling with her parents). There was some bumbling around lack of signal for a ring back, pens, him mentioning Love Actually and future marriage…. but he took that risk, he put himself out there. She might have been in a relationships, she might have said no, he might have been a little embarrassed but he wouldn’t have got of that train thinking “I should have asked her”. 

They might be like one of those couples on dinner date that 6 weeks later have still never met up for that coffee, for the rest of us on the train we will never know and I suppose it doesn’t really matter because it’s reminded us that putting yourself out there isn’t a bad thing. It made us all smile, well except for my unromantic boyfriend who was squirming next to me. 

It takes guts but it’s so much more meaningful when it’s not in a bar just before closing, that it’s not a standard message through a dating site: make it personal, make them feel special, take the knock back, reap the rewards. As they say, you’ve got to be in it to win it! 

And ladies this isn’t just aimed at the boys, we live in an equal society, you can also take the plunge. Build opportunities anywhere. And to Rich and Jo may you be happy however this story ends. If it ends well I may find out as I passed Rich my card or he can find me at

Posted 181 weeks ago