Step off the wedding production line and embrace having it your way. By working with a celebrant:

  • you don't have to be restricted by registered rooms at venues. I can perform ceremonies on moving vehicles, any outdoor space or a space not registered by the local authority. I can perform a ceremony wherever you choose.
  • you can include your favourite song or reading without limitations.
  • you can arrange something traditional or something different and unique to you.
  • you can choose the format of your ceremony with no legal restrictions.
  • you can be involved in writing your ceremony.

By arranging your ceremony with Manchester Ceremonies you will know exactly what to expect on the big day.

I will start getting to know you as a couple at the initial meeting and will begin supporting you to arrange the perfect ceremony for you and your guests.

There are many possibilities and if you are unsure I can guide you to choose options that will suit with your personal needs and wants.

After the meeting I will keep in contact up to the day, allowing you to edit the ceremony and giving you the opportunity to rehearse in the days before the real thing.

Contact me to start the conversation.

Notes: Please contact me to discuss prices but a basic ceremony cost would be £410. A celebrant cannot complete the legal registration for a wedding, so this is an addition to be considered. The legal registration is a short process that costs from £50. If you are setting a particular theme for your wedding I am happy to fit in with the theme. 


As an alternative to a Baptism or Christening I can facilitate naming ceremonies to celebrate the naming of babies, and renaming of adults or children. Ceremonies can be conducted in any venue, indoor or outdoor, although this is England so weather permitting!

Marking the birth of a child or a change in name for an adult or child can be a great opportunity to bring together important people who will be there supporting them through their coming years.

I can help you mark this occasion in your own personal way, maybe introducing 'Guide', 'Good' or 'Fairy-God' parents depending on your preference of name. 

There are many different options and I can talk you through these if you are unsure how you'd like the ceremony to go. I will meet you before to discuss ideas and pull together a plan that you can view and edit before the celebration day. Naming ceremonies cost from £260.  Get in touch with me now to start the conversation.


There are many reasons that you may want to mark an occasion and I am happy to facilitate any kind of ceremony, such as:

  • renewal of vows
  • adoptions in the family
  • marking a commitment between a couple (got married abroad or acknowledging your life partner)
  • celebrate moving abroad

This is where you and I can let our imaginations run wild to fit the occasion in your own personal way. I have experience of working with a wide array of different people in my career and have been able to problem solve with individuals to make things work out for them in the best way possible. Let your ideas grow with my support to create something really memorable.

Contact me to discuss prices that will vary depending what it is you would like.